Join Thrive as we transform how America gets better nutrition through two of our most beloved foods, real ice cream and creamy gelato. These nutritionally enhanced treats are changing menus and lives in hospitals, senior living facilities, university and professional athletics programs, and those who prefer better, cleaner, more nutritious foods! You’ll get nothing but the real scoop from us!

an elderly woman in a blue top holding a cup

Unveiling the Best Nutritional Drinks for Senior Health

Have you ever wondered how the right drink can transform a senior’s health? Finding the perfect nutritional drink for seniors can be a game-changer in a world brimming with choices. This guide dives into the best options tailored for older adults. From hydration-focused beverages to energy and immune boosters, you’ll discover drinks that cater to (continued…)

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Understanding the 4 Stages of Dysphagia and Dietary Tips

You may face the challenge of dysphagia, a condition affecting the ability to swallow. Navigating through its four stages requires understanding and adapting your diet. Each stage presents unique dietary needs, from soft, manageable textures to specialized nutritional supplements. Discover how to enhance your eating experience and maintain nutrition at every stage. Keep reading to (continued…)

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a tray of different kinds of nuts and a glass of milk

Top 11 Nutritious Snacks for the Elderly Available Online

Maintaining a balanced diet is key as you age, but finding the right snacks can be challenging. Discover the top 11 nutritious snacks for older adults, all conveniently available online. From protein-packed treats to fiber-rich bites, these snacks cater to your health needs while tantalizing your taste buds. Dive into this guide and explore the (continued…)

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vegetable dish on gray bowl

Can You Take Fiber and Probiotics Together?

You might wonder if combining fiber and probiotics in your diet is safe. This question is common among those seeking to enhance their digestive health. Unravel the truths about blending these powerful gut health allies. Discover how the synergy between fiber and probiotics can revolutionize your digestive wellness. Keep reading to explore the benefits, considerations, (continued…)

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elderly man in pink shirt closing his eyes

Dementia and Diarrhea: What You Didn’t Know

You might think you know everything about dementia, but there’s a hidden aspect often overlooked: its impact on digestive health, specifically diarrhea. This condition, commonly disregarded as a minor inconvenience, can be a significant concern for those living with dementia. Unveiling the layers of how dementia affects the digestive system offers insights into better care (continued…)

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an elderly woman eating an ice cream

Exploring the Link Between Ice Cream and Dementia Care

You might never have thought of ice cream as more than a delightful treat. Yet, in the realm of dementia care, it plays a surprising role. Dementia, a complex condition affecting mental health, challenges those affected in numerous ways, including their relationship with food. Here, nutrition isn’t just about sustenance; it’s about managing symptoms and (continued…)

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a woman sitting in bed and suffering from stomach pain

10 Signs of an Unhealthy Gut

Gut health is a critical component of overall well-being. An unhealthy gut manifests through various signs, impacting your health significantly.  The connection between gut health and diet is significant, with dietary choices playing a key role in maintaining a healthy gut, so products like Thrive Ice Cream can be taken to help promote improved gut (continued…)

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woman helping a man wrap his calf up

Battling Inflammation: Finding the Best Supplement

You wake up, and there it is again – that familiar, persistent ache. It’s inflammation, a common yet often misunderstood health concern. You’re not alone in this struggle. Millions grapple with inflammation, seeking relief and control over this silent yet pervasive condition. Understanding inflammation is the first step in your journey to wellness. You’ve heard (continued…)

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a woman having a snack

Top Anti Inflammatory Snacks You Need to Try

You’ve heard about the benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet, but navigating this path can often feel overwhelming. Imagine, though, turning this journey into a delightful exploration of flavors and health. This guide is tailored for you, diving into a world of anti-inflammatory snacks that not only boost your health but also tantalize your taste buds.  (continued…)

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