Join Thrive as we transform how America gets better nutrition through two of our most beloved foods, real ice cream and creamy gelato. These nutritionally enhanced treats are changing menus and lives in hospitals, senior living facilities, university and professional athletics programs, and those who prefer better, cleaner, more nutritious foods! You’ll get nothing but the real scoop from us!

What a Difference Six Months Makes

Here at Thrive Ice Cream we often get stories from people who have used our nutrition-packed ice cream with friends or family members with cancer, dementia, dysphagia, and other conditions. The stories are all different, but also the same. Their loved one needs a nutritious supplement they are able to eat and that also tastes (continued…)

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How Thrive Stacks Up on 10 Nutrients Athletes Need

Thanks to the efforts of organizations like the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association (CPSDA), today’s collegiate and professional athletes are eating better diets than ever before. Most programs today have a dedicated staff of sports dietitians to work one-on-one with athletes to optimize performance and recovery. We’ve come a long way from the days (continued…)

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Six Things Sports Dietitians Love About Thrive

There’s no question that the newest stars of collegiate and professional sports programs are a team’s registered dietitians. Not only are these professionals experts in nutrition, they are experts in how diet impacts specific athletic disciplines and work with individual athletes to optimize their performance through diet. All of the top programs, from the University of (continued…)

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How a Dallas Dietitian Helped an Elderly Friend Get Her Mojo Back

For weeks, Dr. Carol Ireton-Jones had wracked her brain on how to get an 88-year-old friend eating again. Like many elderly adults, the friend had a poor appetite and was very frail, losing weight and becoming malnourished. The friend’s daughter and Carol, the founder of Good Nutrition for Good Living, a nutritional consulting firm in (continued…)

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Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Those with Alzheimer’s

The last thing most of us would forget to do is eat. Eating is social time, family time, and a time to enjoy our favorite foods. But for those with Alzheimer’s disease, forgetting to eat is normal. As cognitive function declines, those with dementia forget to eat and how to use spoons and forks. They (continued…)

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