As Thrive Ice Cream’s popularity has grown among dietitians, food service professionals, coaches and athletes, patients and family caregivers, and parents with special needs kids, a common question has emerged on our social media:

Where can I buy Thrive Ice Cream in the 6-ounce cups?

And it wasn’t easy to answer because we don’t sell Thrive in cups in retail stores – it’s only available to institutional customers like hospitals, senior living facilities, universities, and professional sports programs.  We do our best to honor special requests for Thrive in cups, but it can be a challenge. Believe it or not, our CEO Alan Gessel once personally delivered a case of Thrive cups to a family whose grandmother had cancer and relied on Thrive’s complete nutrition during her treatment. They were so thankful!

Because your feedback is so important and because we want to help every person who needs a delicious, convenient way to get more of Thrive’s unique nutrition into their bodies, we came up with a solution:

You can now order Thrive Ice Cream in cups by the case (24 cups per case) through our online store! Here are five reasons you’ll love this new option:

1) Convenience. No need to go out of the house to shop. Order Thrive in cups online and we’ll deliver it to your doorstep in just 2 days. We only ship Monday-Wednesday to ensure your order arrives perfectly frozen so if you order on the weekend, your wait time is slightly longer. (Note: Thrive in pints can also be ordered online.)

2) Order for a loved one in another city. We’ve heard from so many people who wanted Thrive in cups for a relative or friend in another state. One of the reasons is that people love that it’s perfectly portioned and no dipping is required – an important consideration when someone is ill and/or carefully watching their nutritional intake. With online ordering, you can send Thrive in cups to anyone in the continental United States! And all they have to do is peel off the top and enjoy!

3) Dietitians and healthcare professionals can keep clients/patients on a prescribed diet. Dietitians and healthcare professionals use Thrive in cups for patients and residents with dysphagia, dementia, cancer, IBS, and other medical conditions as it provides complete nutrition and is enjoyable to eat. Many have contacted us about where to get Thrive in cups for clients, former hospital patients. and others on special diets who would benefit. We are so happy this important nutritional tool is available online to health professionals and their clients/patients!

4) Individual athletes can now eat what the collegiate and pro athletes eat to optimize performance and post-competition recovery. Nearly every collegiate and professional sports program has a registered dietitian on staff. That’s how important nutrition is. Just ask the University of Georgia football team that recently won the Rose Bowl in double overtime and is headed for the national championship playoff game! It wasn’t cheeseburgers and fries that made the difference. If you’re a coach or athlete, you’ll appreciate the ability to order nutrition-packed Thrive in single-serve cups online to support your personal nutritional and performance goals.

5) There’s no other nutritional product like Thrive available online. There are plenty of ice creams out there that boast about being high protein and low calorie. And some that boast about having just four ingredients, one of them sugar. But there is no other ice cream that has protein, 24 vitamins and minerals, 4 active probiotics, fiber, natural colors and flavors, REAL Dairy milk and cream, and NO high fructose corn syrup, palm oil or milk from cows treated with growth hormones. Thrive is real ice cream, real nutrition. With online ordering, it can be enjoyed by all ages as a snack, dessert, supplement or meal replacement.

Learn more about Thrive here. Ready to place your order for Thrive Ice Cream in cups? Here’s the link:

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