Who knew ice cream and gelato could be so healthy and help so many people? Thanks to Thrive, these favorite foods in new fortified formats are helping millions! Here’s our story.

Thrive was founded in 2011 with a vision of creating a new type of nutrition for people with specific dietary requirements related to a medical condition, age, or athletic pursuit as well as those interested in favorite foods offering a higher nutritional value. We saw our products as alternatives to traditional product that, for various reasons, fail to be fully consumed and thus don’t support the nutritional requirements of the individual.

That same year we launched our first product, Thrive Ice Cream. This exciting ice cream was unlike anything on the market, offering high quality ingredients and enhanced nutrition. We specifically targeted the healthcare, senior living, and sports nutrition industries that employ clinical nutritional strategies to heal, add or control weight, make eating easier, and boost performance. And we positioned Thrive Ice Cream as a meal replacement, dietary supplement, snack, or dessert.

To our delight, customers in all aspects of healthcare, senior living, and collegiate and professional sports programs embraced Thrive Ice Cream because at last, getting people to comply with nutritional strategies was much easier. People are using Thrive Ice Cream to address adult malnutrition, dysphagia, and lack of appetite due to cancer treatment, dementia and poor dentition. Athletes are eating Thrive Ice Cream to enhance performance and support muscle growth and recovery. Dietitians, clinicians, and food service professionals are thrilled to have a new option in their nutritional tool kits!

In June 2018, we introduced a second exciting nutritional product, Thrive Gelato. Designed as an alternative to frozen dessert cups that offer calories and little else, Thrive Gelato is made with skim milk, is high in protein and boasts 24 vitamins and minerals. It also has the creamy texture and rich flavors people love! We’re excited about Thrive Gelato’s future – in blind taste tests, 9 out of 10 preferred Thrive Gelato over a leading competitor!

Today, Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato are available to healthcare and senior living facilities, college and professional sports programs, caregivers of adults or children with special dietary requirements, and to anyone who values nutrition and enjoys delicious, premium ice cream and gelato. Our commitment to better nutrition and a more enjoyable experience is leading to higher consumption, better outcomes and less waste!

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