More and more health care facilities, athletics programs, and people interested in great tasting nutrition are discovering the real benefits of Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato. Did we also mention that our products are delicious and fun to eat? Take a look:

“Thrive Gelato tastes amazing! In a world where supplements taste like a mixture of vitamins and sheetrock, Thrive tastes like ACTUAL FOOD. We underestimate the impact this has on the patients and how much they appreciate it.”

– Caleb Mullis, RD, Arkansas

“I am a speech language pathologist and recently had the good fortune to try Thrive Ice Cream. After having tasted it, I am sold! It provides our patients with dysphagia with much-needed probiotics and vitamins they need. I’m always looking for products that make patients’ lives better and our jobs easier. It’s hard to find products that meet all dietary demands and taste good. Finding Thrive was such a relief!”

Kim Linstead, MS, CCC-SLP, Clinical Speech Language Pathologist, Country Side Healthcare, Milford, MA

“We tried Thrive Ice Cream as an additional tool for nutrition to address poor appetite, poor lab results and wounds. My residents loved it! It tastes great! We also found that Thrive Ice Cream encouraged PO intake. One resident repeatedly stated that she wasn’t hungry and did not want to eat. Speaking with her husband, we learned she had a sweet tooth. We told her that if she didn’t want to eat the food on our menu, then she would make her husband happy if she ate an ice cream. She really enjoyed the chocolate Thrive Ice Cream. We began dispensing it with her lunch and dinner meals. After a few days, she began to eat the menued items along with her Thrive. Her weight loss ceased and increased enough to allow for a safe discharge home.”

Dining Services Director, Skilled Nursing Facility

“Thrive worked as advertised. Almost 100% compliance because it is real ice cream. It tastes and feels so much better than the other desserts we typically serve. It is so much better than a frozen yogurt or ice milk because it has the right taste and texture.”

Jason Stevenson, Dining Services Director, Florida Medical Center

“I just had to let you know how much we are enjoying Thrive Ice Cream in our practice. I knew it would be good after oral surgery because it is cold and helps minimize swelling. I also knew it would help the patients coat their stomachs before taking a narcotic and provide them with nutritional support. What I was NOT prepared for was the psychological boost it provides. Instead of being exhausted and anticipating pain, our patients are happily downing the ice cream and even smiling after their surgery! What a positive spin it has put on a sometimes not so cheery dental experience. Thank you for turning us on to such a great product!”

Laura Braswell, DDS

“A friend’s wife was recovering from cancer surgery and chemo; they simply could not get her to eat anything. I brought them some Thrive Ice Cream and sure enough, she ate every last spoonful.”

Cancer Patient Friend, Franklin, MA

“Six residents in an assisted living memory care facility were put on a 12-week Thrive Ice Cream feeding program. They were fed Thrive at least two times per day for 12 weeks. Alzheimer residents are among the most difficult patients to feed due to lack of task focus, absence of understanding of nutrition and inability to follow directions. As a result, the average feeding time is an hour or more and frequently results in an incomplete or unsuccessful feeding. These six residents were put on a feeding program because they were losing weight and in danger of being released to higher care. In Massachusetts, assisted living facilities are not allowed to force feed residents. This means you are allowed to present the food on a utensil to their mouth, but if they turn away, you cannot ‘chase their mouth with the spoon’ in an attempt to feed. You must wait for them to bring their mouth back to the position of the spoon. The 12-week Thrive feeding program was a complete success. Everyone ate Thrive immediately and no one even turned their head.”

Director of Memory Care, Assisted Living Community, Attleboro, MA

“I tried Thrive Ice Cream with Mrs. L, who is 89 and resides in a locked memory impaired assisted living facility. Her dementia has progressed to the point where she no longer remembers her family and is mostly non-verbal. She no longer recalls what a fork, knife, or spoon are for and is easily distracted when being assisted with the use of any of these utensils. Our staff fed her chocolate Thrive Ice Cream successfully; she ate every last bite with no resistance. I then came up with the idea of introducing to her an old-fashioned wooden ice cream spoon, the kind the Good Humor man gave out. We placed the Thrive Ice Cream and the wooden spoon in front of her. Her long-term memory was sparked and she remembered what the wooden spoon was for…she began to eat the ice cream by herself, and she continued to eat it all by herself.”

Debbie B. RNC, CMC, Jupiter, FL

“The Ardmore Veterans Center has been using Thrive Ice Cream for more than a year now. Thrive is a vital supplement in our long-term care center. We have seen great improvement with residents who refuse to eat, those with stage 1 and 2 wounds and those with weight loss. Most don’t realize it’s a supplement; they’re just eating and enjoying great ice cream. As a dietary manager for more than 15 years, this product out does most, if not all, of the liquid supplements we have in our center.”

Brenda Clinton, Director of Dietary Services, Ardmore Veterans Center

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for sending the Thrive Ice Cream to my husband. Since his pancreatic cancer diagnosis in September 2014, he has lost over 100 pounds. The oncologist has been telling him to drink the nutrient drinks, but he is unable to tolerate them. Your ice cream has been a Godsend. He has eaten several of them since receiving them on Wednesday and said he doesn’t taste any difference between it and regular ice cream. In fact, he said the buttered pecan is ’too good.’ We will certainly be telling the oncologist about your product and how much it has helped him to get some of the nutrients he is missing. We can’t thank you enough for your kindness.”

The Milligans

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