special-reportHave you ever had something incredibly good come out of the blue? That happened to the Thrive Ice Cream team last week while presenting to the Oklahoma chapter of the Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals.

One of the attendees was the director of Dietary Services at the Ardmore Veterans Center, a 175-bed nursing care facility in Ardmore, Oklahoma that has been caring for veterans for more than 100 years. She began telling us how Thrive Ice Cream has benefited her residents. It was such great information, we asked her to please send her comments in writing. Here is what she shared:

“The Ardmore Veterans Center has been using Thrive Ice Cream for more than a year now. We have seen great improvement with our residents who refuse to eat, with our stage 1 and 2 wounds, and with weight loss. We started using Thrive Ice Cream when a resident decided that everything we tried to feed him just didn’t taste good. We tried Thrive Chocolate Ice Cream. Our thinking was Thrive was a good calorie source with protein and vitamins.

The resident’s doctor ordered it as a supplement at four six-ounce cups per day, giving him 960 extra calories a day. In a few days, we started seeing him sitting up eating small portions of his meals and asking for his ice cream. He is now eating 100 percent of his meals and asking for Thrive Ice Cream between meals.

The doctors in our center started wondering with the protein and vitamins in Thrive Ice Cream, would it assist with wound healing since the taste was better than Juven or Arginade? So they started to order it for residents refusing to take other supplements. In just few weeks, we saw stage 1 wounds healing and stage 2 wounds starting to heal from the inside of the wound. 

Thrive Ice Cream is wonderful for residents with weight loss. They enjoy the taste and all the flavors. Most residents not realize it’s a supplement with all the proteins, fiber, and vitamins our sick residents need. As far as our residents are concerned, their just eating and enjoying great ice cream.

Thrive Ice Cream is a vital supplement in our long-term care center. As a dietary manager for more than 15 years, this product out does most, if not all, of the liquid supplements we have in our center.”

Thrive extends a special thank you to Brenda Clinton for sharing these impressive results among the veterans in your care! Your kind words about the value of Thrive Ice Cream will strike a chord among other healthcare providers, including VA facilities, long-term care and nursing facilities, and hospitals that also face the challenge of delivering complete nutrition to their patients.

If you are in health care and would like to learn more about the significant nutritional benefits of Thrive or order our products online, visit our website.







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