When most people think of ice cream, they don’t immediately associate it with health and nutrition. However, recent advancements in the food industry have allowed for the creation of nutritional ice cream, which has quickly gained popularity in hospitals and other healthcare settings. In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using nutritional ice cream as an excellent nutritional alternative for healthcare facilities.

Increased Nutritional Value

Most traditional ice creams are relatively high in air(overrun) and although contain Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates, offer low levels of nutritional value. Nutritional ice cream line, Thrive Frozen Nutrition, on the other hand, is specifically formulated to be complete balanced in nutrition, while also providing an excellent source of protein, natural soluble fiber, 24 vitamins and minerals as well as 4 Probiotic cultures. These added nutrients can help patients meet their dietary requirements and improve their overall health.

Improved Appetite, Nutrient Density and immune Health

Many patients in healthcare settings struggle with loss of appetite and lack of nutrients in their diets, nutritional ice creams can provide a solution to these problems. The added protein can aid in wound care and help build muscle mass. The natural soluble fiber can also help to keep patients feeling full and satisfied, improve digestive health and leading to improved appetite and increased food intake. The patented probiotics in Thrive Ice Cream(including BC-30) have been shown to improve nutrient absorption(including Protein) and aid in immunity building and improve digestive health.

Better Digestive Health

For patients with digestive issues or those who are recovering from surgery, traditional ice cream may not be the best option. nutritional ice cream, however, can provide the necessary nutrients without causing digestive discomfort. Additionally, many types of nutritional ice cream are lactose reduced, which makes them a great option for patients who may be lactose intolerant. In addition, the Fiber and Probiotics present also aid in improved digestive health and improved immunity, while providing the needed vitamins and minerals for optimum nutrition.

Easy to Serve, Store and Consume

Thrive Ice Cream and Gelato products are available in single-serving cups, making it easy to serve and store in healthcare settings. The pre-portioned cups also ensure that patients and residents are receiving the correct serving size and nutritional content. Nutritional ice cream can be stored in the freezer for an extended period, allowing healthcare providers to always have a nutritious and delicious option available for their patients. Many liquid supplements are not readily consumed as there is a large propensity to flavor fatigue with the liquid supplements as well as reported aftertaste associated with them. Thrive Frozen Nutrition products have been carefully formulated to hit the IDDSI Level 3 of thickness when melted to meet the needs of people who have Dysphagia swallowing issues.

In conclusion, nutritional ice cream like Thrive Frozen Nutrition, can provide a convenient and nutritious alternative to traditional ice cream in healthcare settings. Its high protein, and added fiber, nutrients and probiotics make it an ideal option for patients who need to maintain their weight, improve their appetite, or improve their digestive health. With its easy-to-serve cups and long shelf life, nutritional ice cream is a great addition to any healthcare facility’s menu. For more information, please check out the offerings of Thrive Frozen Nutrition products, at www.thriveicecream.com or contact your food distribution partner for details and ordering information. We can also be reached at: info@thriveicecream.com. We would be glad to send you more information about the benefits and health challenges that Thrive Frozen Nutrition products can address as well as provide some samples for your review and evaluation by your team and patients/residents.

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