Good nutrition has proven to help strengthen immune systems. Thrive Ice Cream with Probiotics plus 24 Vitamins & Minerals, 9g of Protein, 6g of Fiber can be an important part of your nutritional strategy to combat flu symptoms.

Thrive Ice Cream 6 oz Serving Includes the following:

  • Probiotics – Ganeden BC30 – may reduce risk of upper respiratory tract infections
  • Vitamin C – 50% RDA – decrease symptom duration & boost immune system
  • Vitamin D – 40% RDA – can help prevent upper respiratory infections
  • Vitamin A – 40% RDA – immune system support
  • Zinc – 20% RDA – can reduce flu symptom severity
  • Protein – 9 Grams – feeds the body to keep you strong
  • Fiber – 6 Grams – improve digestive tract flora and support immune system

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