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New Thrive and DOT Partnership!

Thrive Frozen Nutrition and DOT Foods have partnered together to bring you the best tasting nutritional products available with no minimum order quantity and fast delivery times. Announcing Thrive Frozen Nutrition available from DOT Foods effective April 10, 2023! Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato available to all distributors with no minimum order requirement. (continued…)

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Thrive Launches Private Label Formulation & Manufacturing Services

Thrive Launches Private Label Formulation & Manufacturing ServicesLeverages Rich History of Utilizing Ice Cream To Deliver Nutrition Searcy, Arkansas – August 17, 2021 – Thrive Frozen Nutrition, Inc. (Thrive or the “Company”) today announced the successful launch of its Private Label Products Services offering. The Company’s unique capabilities to deliver tailored ice cream formulations provides partners (continued…)

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Good for You Gelato. When It’s Thrive, You’ll Eat Well!

SEARCY, Arkansas (June 19, 2018) – – If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating gelato, you know it’s something special. Extra creamy. Super dreamy flavors. Typically served in smaller portions to be savored. Thrive Frozen Nutrition seeks to capitalize on that cachet as it launches Thrive Gelato, a nutritionally enhanced product for the healthcare, (continued…)

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Thrive to Launch New Thrive Gelato at Premier Breakthroughs 2018

SEARCY, Arkansas (June 15, 2018) – – In just a few days, Thrive Frozen Nutrition will unveil its first new product since the launch of nutrition-enhanced Thrive Ice Cream in 2011 at Breakthroughs 2018, one of the healthcare industry’s largest leadership conferences. Set for June 19-22, the event is hosted by Premier Inc. (NASDAQ: PINC), (continued…)

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Thrive Taps Riggins as Senior Vice President for Healthcare Sales

ORLANDO, Fla., (April 26, 2018)  — Thrive has tapped Bruce D. Riggins as its new senior vice president of Sales. Thrive is the creator of Thrive Ice Cream, a nutritionally enhanced ice cream used by healthcare organizations and collegiate and professional sports programs as a healthier dessert, snack, dietary supplement, or meal replacement for individuals with (continued…)

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Stop Unintended Weight Loss in Geriatric Adults—with Ice Cream

After moving to a long-term care facility, 80-year-old Sarah had no appetite and began losing weight. She had little energy and was increasingly quiet. Her daughters and caregivers were concerned and did all they could to encourage Sarah to eat. There are many Sarahs across America. Unintended weight loss among high-risk geriatric adults is a (continued…)

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