We see them on television and sometimes in person. Elite athletes whose bodies appear to have been chiseled out of marble. Every muscle in clearly visible, clearly developed for maximum performance. It makes you wonder, how did they do it?

Of course, much of it comes from training. The repetition of workouts builds and defines muscle. But nutrition also plays a critical role in achieving and maintaining a physique capable of running faster, jumping higher, making more jump shots, hitting more home runs. And this week, the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitian Association (CPSDA) is gathering in Kansas City for the 8th Annual Conference & Symposium to explore the latest in performance-enhancing athletic nutrition strategies.

Expect a lot of high-level discussion. The Southeastern Conference dominates national collegiate football. To what do they attribute their success? A secret weapon called nutritional directors who work with individual athletes to ensure they are properly fueled. The University of Alabama, which stacks up national football champions like restaurants stack plates, places a major emphasis on its sports nutrition program. And it obvious works!

Jeff Holtz, Thrive’s ice cream guru and the man behind our nutritional formula, is attending the CPSDA symposium this week. The goal is to meet as many college nutritional directors as possible and discuss adding Thrive Ice Cream to their training tables. Thrive certainly has the “pedigree” for use as a meal supplement, dessert or snack for athletes. Each six-ounce serving of Thrive contains:

  • 24 vitamins & minerals
  • 9 grams of milk protein isolate
  • 6 grams of natural soluble fiber
  • 4 active probiotics, including GanedenBC30®
  • All natural flavors, colors & sweeteners
  • No HFCS, gluten free, real dairy, reduced lactose

Thrive Ice Cream’s formulation delivers tremendous benefits to athletes such as stimulating muscle growth and repair, preventing muscle cramps, improving protein absorption, replenishing glycogen stores, improving digestive and immune health, and in the case of our No Sugar Added flavors, controlling sugar intake. Institutional customers like universities can purchase Thrive Ice Cream in six-ounce cups, making it very easy to control athletes’ portions. Another plus is that nearly everyone likes ice cream and Thrive Ice Cream is delicious. Getting athletes to eat it is very easy!

The CPSDA says that properly managed nutrition programs yield measureable results; no truer words were ever spoken. If you’d like to add Thrive Ice Cream to your training table – professional, collegiate or personal, visit our website.

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