Brian and her mother were desperate to find a nutritious product for a relative with stomach cancer. The challenge, however, was the advanced stage of the disease and the harshness of the chemotherapy and radiation. It left the relative with little appetite and made swallowing difficult.

“He had lost a tremendous amount of weight because he was so limited in what he could eat,” Brian said.

A life-long family friend had tried Thrive Ice Cream and suggested to Brian and her mother that the relative would benefit from our nutritious ice cream. Served by a growing number of healthcare facilities across the country, Thrive Ice Cream contains 24 vitamins and minerals, four active probiotics, high-quality protein, and fiber. Because of the variety of nutritional components and the quantities in each serving, Thrive Ice Cream is considered complete nutrition and can be used as a meal supplement, replacement or snack by healthcare providers.

Willing to try anything to help the relative, Brian ordered Thrive Ice Cream form our online store. The results were very encouraging. The relative was able to eat the ice cream without coughing or choking (it melts to a nectar or honey consistency which makes for ease of swallowing). He enjoyed eating again (Thrive Salted Caramel is his favorite). And best of all, he began to add a little weight.

“Thrive Ice Cream is a godsend,” Brian said. “It’s a wonderful product as it gives my relative nutrition and pleasure during this difficult illness. He’s a fighter and this is such a treat.”

Brian recently ordered a second of shipment of Thrive Ice Cream online and reports that it arrived perfectly packaged in dry ice, fully frozen and ready to enjoy. Brian is pleased her childhood friend told her about Thrive.

“Bless her heart for encouraging me to try Thrive Ice Cream!”

For information on Thrive or to order online, visit our website.

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