SEARCY, Arkansas (June 19, 2018) – – If you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating gelato, you know it’s something special. Extra creamy. Super dreamy flavors. Typically served in smaller portions to be savored.

Thrive Frozen Nutrition seeks to capitalize on that cachet as it launches Thrive Gelato, a nutritionally enhanced product for the healthcare, senior living and sports nutrition industries. And it’s not just a name; Thrive Gelato is gelato. Its creamy texture and rich, decadent flavors are enhanced with high quality milk proteins (whey and casein) and 24 vitamins and minerals; it contains no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, fillers, or hormones.

Thrive Gelato supports the nutritional strategies of dietitians and foodservice professionals as a supplement, dessert or good for you snack. These strategies can include managing malnutrition in older adults and children to feeding those with swallowing issues or ensuring athletes snack on real nutrition rather than empty calories. A four-ounce cup of Thrive Gelato includes nine grams of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals, and is gluten free, certified kosher and suitable for dysphagia diets.

Thrive CEO Alan Gessel says that if formal and informal taste tests are any indication, Thrive Gelato will be a very popular nutritional option. In side-by-side blind taste tests with a competing product, nine out of ten participants preferred Thrive Gelato’s taste and texture.

Gessel says his company developed Thrive Gelato in response to feedback from customers in the healthcare and senior living industries. “Many people told us they love the nutrition, quality, and flavors of our flagship product, Thrive Ice Cream, and how perfect it is to address a number of clinical nutrition strategies. They also said they’d like a similar nutritionally enhanced frozen dessert but in a smaller portion – four fluid ounces versus six – at a lower price. Thrive Gelato satisfies both requests, and like Thrive Ice Cream, delivers a superior consumer experience.”

Thrive Frozen Nutrition has four SKUs of Thrive Gelato packed in four-ounce single serve cups: Butter Pecan, Wild Berry, Chocolate, and Vanilla. The product is sold in cases of 36 through various group purchasing organizations, distributors and online to the public. Thrive Ice Cream has a significant online following among senior caregivers and health conscious adults, parents and athletes. Thrive Gelato is expected to attract those interested in healthy options to popular foods and smaller portions. Learn more about Thrive here.

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