Active senior couple doing side bends
Active senior couple doing side bends

Remember when you were in your 20’s and it seemed like you could eat anything you wanted without worrying about your health or gaining a pound? Fast-forward 30 years and it seems like health, diet, weight are all we think about.

Is that a bad thing? Not really because the three are intrinsically linked. Following a nutritious diet helps us maintain a healthful weight and is a key factor in minimizing the risk of diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and cancer.

But let’s be real. As we grow older and enter the “empty nester” phase, it’s sometimes a challenge to eat “healthy.” When preparing meals for one or two people, it’s easy to take the easy road and dine on cheese, crackers and a glass of wine. Or, skimp on nutrition by making a meal of a quick sandwich.

According to a recent post by WebMD, getting adequate nutrition as we age is a challenge. It’s made even more difficult because we don’t need as many calories to function. Older adults often suffer from a lack of nine missing nutrients such as B-12, fiber and folate, critical to keeping bones strong, minds sharp, and hearts healthy.

pints_leftAmong the reasons we created Thrive Ice Cream was to give people of all ages a nutrition-packed product that was not only delicious, but delivered a wealth of dietary benefits in a single serving. Here’s how Thrive’s nutrition stacks up to WebMD’s nine missing nutrients (based on four-ounce serving/RDI – Recommended Daily Intake):

B-12 – Thrive contains 15% of RDI
Calcium – Thrive contains 25% RDI
Fiber – 6 grams of inulin prebiotic fiber
Folate – Thrive contains 20% RDI
Vitamin D – Thrive contains 20% RDI
Potassium – Thrive contains 7% of RDI
Magnesium – Thrive contains 25% RDI
Omega 3 Fats – Thrive contains NO saturated fats
Water – not applicable

Calories for Thrive Ice Cream’s regular flavors range from 190-230 per serving and 140-180 calories for our No Sugar Added flavors. That’s a lot of nutrition for a fairly low calorie count!

Regardless of your age, good nutrition supports good health. If you think you’re lacking in the nutrients above, you might consider adding Thrive Ice Cream to your diet as a nutritious meal supplement or replacement or as a snack. It doesn’t hurt that Thrive is also a delicious premium ice cream!

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