We at Thrive Ice Cream believe in our product with all of our hearts, but when we got an email from Sue in Kansas, we were astonished and a bit emotional when we saw her comment:

“A month ago, I was planning mom’s funeral. Now I’m planning her 98th birthday.”

Wow! Just wow!

Turns out that Sue’s 97-year-old mother had spent nearly a decade in memory care after a long and active life as a farm wife. Over the last several years, she had become increasingly non-verbal and no longer recognized her daughter. One night last January, Sue received a call from her mother’s caregivers. She wasn’t eating and her blood pressure and pulse were dangerously low.. She had grown increasingly frail. Sue needed to come right away as they were suggesting a move to hospice care.

The next day Sue drove to Iowa to be with her mother and was saddened by what she found.

“Malnutrition is an ugly thing. Mom was so tiny. I was afraid we were going to lose her from a simple lack of nutrition.”

The unintended weight loss was not for lack of her caregivers trying to feed her. Sue’s mother wouldn’t wear her dentures and was refusing the pureed food served at the nursing home. Then, one of the caregivers suggested they try Thrive Ice Cream. Sue agreed.

Do you remember your first time eating ice cream? How you licked up every bit of it? It was like that for Sue’s mother. She loved Thrive Ice Cream and ate every single bite of her first six-ounce serving. Delighted with her appetite, her caregivers began feeding her three servings of Thrive per day. Within days, Sue’s mother was more responsive and beginning to regain weight.

“The only flavor they had was vanilla so I started adding things like pureed peaches and other fruit. She really enjoyed her ‘ice cream diet,’” shared Sue.

After only two weeks, something remarkable happened. Sue’s mother began interacting with her family and caregivers, speaking short phrases and even laughing, which she hadn’t done for months. She gained weight and strength and even began to walk again. Her eyes were brighter and her hair had a new shine. After three weeks, Sue transferred her out of hospice care.

“I really have to credit Thrive Ice Cream and its nutrition. My mother is much more comfortable and not anxious like she was in the past. I am thrilled to be planning her 98th birthday!”

It’s one thing to develop a product you know can help people because of nutrition science and research, which was our goal when we created Thrive for Healthcare. But it’s overwhelming when you hear from someone who has had a life-changing experience with your product such as this one.

Thank you, Sue, for sharing your story with us. Everyone here at Thrive wishes your mother ‘Happy Birthday.”

Thrive for Healthcare is real ice cream that delivers real nutrition. The Thrive team is working hard to stop unintended weight loss and malnutrition by making our product available to hospitals, cancer centers, senior living facilities, and university athletics across America. For more information on Thrive or to order online, click here.




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