Frail ElderAn elderly neighbor’s husband was in the hospital and she was running back and forth to keep him company. I stopped her and asked if she needed me to go to the supermarket for her or pick up something for her to eat. Her response: “No, I have some of these.” She showed me a Twinkie.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that Twinkies are not going to keep an 82-year-old going, let alone manage her diabetes. (Yes, she has diabetes.) But it’s not uncommon for the elderly and frail elderly to forgo eating nutritious meals. The lack of proper nutrition and calories causes weight loss, lack of energy and depression.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, under-nutrition and extreme thinness can lead to higher mortality rates.

While dietitians recommend the elderly eat “real” food rather than nutritional supplements to maintain a person’s weight, it’s not always possible to meet all nutritional requirements. Traditional liquid supplements can have a medicinal or metallic taste, causing some people to refuse them. Other frozen products are strictly a belly filler that melt and are easy to swallow, but don’t offer much in the way or nutritional benefits.

There’s also a misperception that frail elderly people should adhere to the same low-fat, low-calorie diet that is recommended for the general population. False. Frail elderly who have substantial weight loss should not worry about calories or fat. They need the caloric intake!”

Fortunately, the frail elderly and their caregivers have options. A food scientist with more than two decades of formulating ice cream is the creator of Thrive Ice Cream. Jeff Holtz intended for Thrive to serve as “complete nutrition” that can be used as a meal supplement, replacement, and definitely as a treat among the frail elderly along with other adults and children needing more nutritional products. Thrive is real ice cream – meaning it is made from milk and contains eggs – and has 24 vitamins and minerals, highly quality milk protein, fiber, active probiotics, and natural sweeteners, flavors and colors. Thrive is also certified gluten free, kosher and Real Dairy. Thrive Ice Cream with no sugar added is appropriate for those on a low sugar diet or who have diabetes.

When Thrive Ice Cream started, our nutritious ice cream was available primarily through healthcare institutions such as hospitals and nursing and rehab facilities. The product can also be ordered online on our website.

If you have an elderly loved one who is frail and appears to be losing weight, we encourage you to consult their doctor. Print off Thrive’s nutritional facts and take it to the appointment.

And my neighbor? Her husband is home from the hospital so I took her some no sugar added Thrive Ice Cream to give her the calories, nutrition and treat she needs.

To learn more about Thrive, visit our website.



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