Address a clinical issue. Boost nutritional intake. Fuel performance and recovery.

As a dietitian, clinician or foodservice professional, you have very specific nutritional strategies for patients, residents and athletes, as well as your organization. As a health conscious individual or caregiver of a family member, you also have personal strategies. Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato are exciting additions to your arsenal, combining superior enhanced nutrition in products people enjoy eating. Here’s a look at how Thrive’s nutritious and delicious products can support your nutritional strategy.

Healthcare and Senior Living

Delivering clinically appropriate nutrition and patient compliance are daily challenges for healthcare and senior living dietitians and your facilities. Patients and residents don’t always eat prescribed diets or may be unable to eat due to a physical or medical condition such as dementia, dysphagia, bad dentition, cancer, and more.

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Sports Nutrition

Sports dietitians are revolutionizing how and what collegiate and professional athletes eat. Nutritional strategies are devised for specific disciplines and individual athletes. One of the biggest challenges: devising plans athletes will follow.

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Individual Health

Health and wellness are important to you. Whether for yourself, your child or an aging parent, you want products made from high quality ingredients, have real nutrition versus empty calories, and are enjoyable as well. Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato are great tasting, nutritionally enhanced products that are a pleasure to eat, while satisfying a wide range of nutritional requirements.

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