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Delivering clinically appropriate nutrition and patient compliance are daily challenges for healthcare and senior living dietitians and your facilities. Patients and residents don’t always eat prescribed diets or may be unable to eat due to a physical or medical condition such as dementia, dysphagia, bad dentition, cancer, and more.

Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato are nutritionally enhanced versions of two very popular foods, premium ice cream and gelato. Both are made from quality ingredients and boast delicious flavors and textures. Both are lactose-reduced and suitable for kosher, gluten free and dysphagia*. Based on your nutritional strategy, you can use Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato as a nutritional supplement, dessert, or snack to help you address adult malnutrition, cancer, failure to thrive, IBS, wound care, and more. Patients and residents simply won’t turn them down! You can also serve Thrive Ice Cream as a healthy option in cafeterias and canteens.

Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato are ideal for use in these settings:

  • Acute care hospitals
    Assisted living facilities
    Cancer centers
    Children’s hospitals
    Long-term care facilities
    Nursing homes
    Rehabilitation hospitals
    Specialty healthcare facilities
  • Healthcare cafeterias and canteens

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* Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato fall into the Moderately Thick category per IDDSI guidelines. Learn more here.

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