Supporting Better Sports Performance, Post Competition Recovery, Dietary Compliance

Sports dietitians are revolutionizing how and what collegiate and professional athletes eat. Nutritional strategies are devised for specific disciplines and individual athletes. One of the biggest challenges: devising plans athletes will follow.

Here’s the solution: nutritionally enhanced Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato, two universally accepted foods that athletes will recognize and enjoy, while following your nutritional strategy. Both are made with high quality ingredients, include nutrition that’s greater or equal to competing products, and boast delicious flavors and textures. Both are lactose-reduced and suitable for kosher, gluten free, and diabetic diets (Thrive Ice Cream No Sugar Added Vanilla). Based on your nutritional strategy, you can use Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato as a nutritional supplement, dessert, or snack to help stimulate muscle growth and repair, prevent muscle cramps and spasms, improve recovery time, improve protein adsorption, and maintain body weight. Your athletes and staff simply won’t turn them down!

Thrive Ice Cream and Thrive Gelato are ideal for use for:

  • Professional sports teams
  • College athletics programs
  • High school athletics programs
  • Other organized training programs
  • Professional and amateur athletes

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