A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about a family member who was diagnosed with a rare cancer in his digestive system. In a very short time, he lost over 40 pounds. He was so sick, so weak and so skinny, there was no way he could undergo chemotherapy after the surgery to remove the tumor without gaining weight. Our entire family was sick with fear.

In the face of cancer, I did what any caring sister would do, I sent my kid brother a ton of nutrition-packed Thrive Ice Cream. And just to make sure he had enough, our older brother sent him a case of Thrive. Great minds think alike in our family!

Why were we sending our sibling ice cream? Not too long ago, Thrive released a study documenting how effective this unique ice cream was at helping frail elderly adults gain weight. Over a 12-week period, participants in the study gained an average of six pounds, five times what participants on another supplement gained. One guy gained 14 pounds!

Knowing our sibling needed to gain weight quickly and do so in a way that wouldn’t upset his system – there was a lot of post-surgical healing to do which limited what he could eat – we sent him Thrive Ice Cream.

Every time I spoke to him or his wife, I asked if he was eating his Thrive. (Affirmative.) Still, I worried about him, his weight and whether the ice cream was helping.

Finally this weekend, we got great news! My brother’s cancer, while very rare, is slow growing and can be treated with a monthly injection rather than chemotherapy. (YAY!) Second, he had two full-body scans and there was no sign of the cancer. (YAY!) Lastly, after just five weeks of supplementing his diet with Thrive, he’d regained 20 pounds!! The stick man, who at six-feet-tall had reached a low of 140, was back up to 160.

I was amazed!

When I visited him this weekend, he explained how horrific his illness had been. He’d gotten so thin, he avoided undressing in front of his wife. He wouldn’t look at himself in the mirror. When he did catch a glimpse of himself, the only thing left of his butt was some saggy skin. Every rib was visible.

When we sent him the Thrive, which has four active probiotics to support digestive and immune health, we strongly suggested he speak with his doctors before eating it. (Something everyone with a health condition should do.) So he dutifully took it to his oncologist, who studied the label and approved it.

He had all four flavors of Thrive – Creamy Vanilla, Simply Chocolate, Buttered Pecan, and Salted Caramel, the latter of which quickly became his favorite. He ate eight ounces of Thrive per day to supplement the super-high protein diet ordered by his doctor. Each serving of Thrive contained about 10 grams of protein along with a bunch of other nutrition. His weight came back quickly and even more surprising, he is now back at work and working out.

In the food and beverage industry, companies have to be very, very careful about making claims of any sort. If claims are made, they have to be backed up by clinical studies. Currently, we don’t have clinical studies with cancer patients and Thrive Ice Cream. But in the case of my brother, we have an individual who very quickly was able to regain weight and thanks to the expert care of his surgeon and oncologist, along with prayers and love from family and friends, he is well on the road to recovery.

And for that reason, I will continue to share Thrive Ice Cream with friends and acquaintances with cancer.

If you would like to purchase nutritious Thrive Ice Cream for a loved one, friend or for yourself online, visit our website. Additionally, Thrive is working hard to get more hospitals, cancer centers, and senior living facilities across the country to serve our product to their patients, residents, staffs, and guests. A good word from you will help us in this effort.





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