There’s no question that the newest stars of collegiate and professional sports programs are a team’s registered dietitians. Not only are these professionals experts in nutrition, they are experts in how diet impacts specific athletic disciplines and work with individual athletes to optimize their performance through diet. All of the top programs, from the University of Alabama and Duke to the University of Texas and Clemson, rely on sports dietitians to keep athletes fed, on the field and in the hunt for national championships.

Thrive Ice Cream has been working with collegiate and professionals programs for several years. Each year, our own Jeff Holtz attends the Collegiate and Professional Sports Dietitians Association’s annual meeting. Here are six things Jeff has determined sports dietitians like about Thrive:

Delivers Complete Nutrition

Thrive is no ordinary ice cream. In fact, it’s nothing like the ice creams typically found in the supermarket freezer section. Sports dietitians from the SEC and Big 12 Conference teams, the NBA, and NFL using Thrive like that it is complete nutrition in a cup. Specifically, each six-ounce cup of Thrive Ice Cream contains nine grams of high quality milk protein isolate, six grams of natural soluble fiber, 24 vitamins and minerals (a minimum of 20% of RDA), four active probiotics, including patented BC-30® for digestive and immune health. All three flavors – vanilla, chocolate and strawberry plus No Sugar Added vanilla – are certified gluten free, kosher and low in lactose.

Promotes Athletic Performance and Overall Health

Sports dietitians see Thrive Ice Cream as a high value, functional food. The breadth of its nutrition makes it a powerful tool for maximizing an athlete’s performance and supporting overall health. Take a look at what Thrive does:

  • Stimulates muscle growth and repair
  • Decreases muscle soreness
  • Improves recovery time
  • Prevents muscle cramps and spasm
  • Replenishes glycogen stores
  • Improves digestive and immune health
  • Improves protein absorption
  • Helps maintain body weight

Made from Quality Ingredients

The ingredients in many supplements often appear artificial and less than healthy. Some are more interested in delivering calories rather than real nutrition. Thrive is focused on delivering quality nutrition. The first five ingredients in Thrive are milk, cream, sugar, water, and milk protein. There is no high fructose corn syrup, palm oil or other fillers. Thrive uses only certified REAL® Dairy and there is no rBST in the milk we use. Dietitians also appreciate that Thrive is made with natural flavorings and colorings rather than artificial ingredients.

Supports Portion Control

It’s easy to overeat, particularly for athletes who are expending a tremendous amount of energy in practice and on the field. Yet they still need to avoid overeating and concentrate on their nutritional plan. Thrive is packed in six-ounce cups so athletes and dietitians can easily track how many calories, carbs, and other nutrients they’re consuming.

Works as a Supplement or Snack

Thrive can be used as a meal supplement to add protein, probiotics and 24 vitamins and minerals to athletes’ diets. Packed in single serve cups, it is the perfect “grab and go” snack at university feeding stations for between meals or late night snacks. Just make sure you have plenty of Thrive – and spoons – on hand.

Enjoys High Compliance among Athletes

Athletes sometimes equate “good for you” foods as being less than tasty. Some don’t recognize foods served as healthful options. (We’re thinking kale and quinoa here.) That’s where Thrive Ice Cream comes in. In addition to complete nutrition, it’s a premium ice cream that delivers the flavors and texture athletes recognize. Thrive can be enjoyed as is or used in milk shakes and smoothies. Sports dietitians find that getting athletes to comply with a food they love is simple!

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