Senior Male Patient Enjoying Meal In Hospital Bed“Malnutrition, dehydration, and weight loss in nursing homes constitute one of the largest silent epidemics in this country.”

Karen Davis, President
The Commonwealth Fund

Healthcare dietitians see it all too often: patients and residents who refuse to eat or only partially consume prescribed meals, losing much-needed nutrition and calories. The next step is supplemental products. Again, there are patients and residents who refuse to consume supplements because they don’t like the taste or perceive them to be “medicine” rather than food.

The results of malnutrition can be disastrous: weight loss, higher rates of pressure ulcers and infections, poor wound recovery, higher fall risk, longer lengths of stay, higher readmission rates, and higher mortality rates.

“Dysphagia is a common feeding problem. Patients may not be able to chew or have no desire to eat. I have to ‘doctor’ up nutritional products to get patients to eat them. Even that doesn’t always work. Patients give me a look that says, ‘I know what you’re doing and I’m still not eating it.’”

– Kim Linstead, Speech Pathologist, CountrySide Healthcare

What can hospitals and long-term care facilities do to improve compliance with prescribed diets and help reduce potential complications related to malnutrition?

Our suggestion is to add a new patient-friendly tool to the nutritional toolkit. Thrive Ice Cream is a “real” ice cream that delivers at least 20% of the daily-recommended value of 24 vitamins and minerals. It also contains Thrive Direct NSA Vanilla Print Renderingsfour active probiotics, high quality milk protein and natural soluble fiber. These nutritional components and calories make Thrive’s nutrition complete and balanced. Other frozen desserts served by healthcare institutions include HFCS, palm oil, and even water in their first five ingredients and thus don’t deliver the quality or quantity of nutritional value found in Thrive.

Thrive Ice Cream also overcomes the issue of non-compliance as most people enjoy ice cream. Patients love the real ice cream flavor and texture; most don’t realize that Thrive is good for them. We have also found that once patients start eating Thrive, they begin to eat other items on their tray as well.thrive-lunch

Thrive helps patients and residents maintain their weight. In an independent case study, patients experienced a 400% higher weight gain with Thrive Ice Cream over a 90-day period versus other protein supplements or frozen dessert supplements.*

“I’m always looking for products that make patients’ lives better and our jobs easier. It’s hard to find products that meet all dietary demands and taste good. Finding Thrive is such a relief!”

– Kim Linstead, Speech Pathologist, CountrySide Healthcare

Thrive Ice Cream does cost more than traditional supplements—about $450 more per patient/resident per year. But the benefits—greatly improved dietary compliance, less malnutrition, better quality of life and the avoidance of potentially costly, non-reimbursable medical complications—is priceless.

To learn more about Thrive or to order online, visit our website.


* The Effects of Thrive Premium Ice Cream Medical Nutritional Food on the Prevention of Involuntary Weight Loss in High Risk Geriatric Residents; Lisa Trone DHSc, RDN, LD/Nutritious Lifestyles, Inc., Orlando, Fl.; 2016






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