In 2015, Thrive Ice Cream commissioned a study with Lisa Trone, RDN, LD/N, of Nutritious Lifestyles, Inc., to evaluate the effects of Thrive on preventing involuntary weight loss in high-risk geriatric patients age 75 or more. Thrive went head-to-head with Medpass 2.0 and Magic Cup. At the conclusion of the 12-week study, participants on Thrive Ice Cream gained an average of nearly 6 pounds over 12 weeks, with one individual gaining 14 pounds. Those on the other supplement averaged a weight gain of just 1.28 pounds over the same time period.

We received a profile of a gentleman, Patient N, who was a participant in the study and was part of the group that received a six-ounce serving of Thrive twice a day. His story is compelling so we are sharing it now with you. (No identifying information is shared.)

Patient N

Eighty-five year old Mr. N was admitted to the nursing facility with anorexia, weight loss, depression, and oropharyngeal phase dysphagia. At six-feet-one, he weighed just 137.6 pounds. To help him reach his goal 170 pounds, he was put on the appetite stimulant Megace and prescribed fortified foods and large portions.

One month later, Mr. N weighed 139.2 pounds, gaining less than two pounds despite >75% intake of meals. Three weeks later, Mr. N’s weight dropped to 134.8 pounds. The supplement Medpass 2.0 – 120ml TID between meals was added. Ninety days later, he had gained five pounds and was up to 144.8 pounds.

Mr. N was randomly chosen to participate in the Thrive study’s Experimental Group 1 who were served two six-ounce servings of Thrive per day. He was a good subject due to being cognitive, able to communicate and give accurate information about Thrive and his intake. The fact that Thrive-healthcare-cupsMr. N was initially on Medpass 2.0 supplement with no significant weight change was felt to be relevant. For the study, Medpass was discontinued and Thrive was added. Mr. N remained on fortified foods and large portions with intakes of >75% noted.

After 30 days on the Thrive—during which time Mr. N said he loved the taste of and was consuming it 100%—his weight was 151.8 pounds, a significant gain of seven pounds. After 60 days, Mr. N’s weight was 156.6 pounds. The last day of the 12-week study, he weighed 158.8 pounds. Mr. N gained 14 pounds or >10% in 90 days.

At the study’s conclusion, Thrive was discontinued from Mr. N’s diet. He continued on fortified foods and large portions to promote weight gain. However, his progress slowed noticeably.

We at Thrive encourage dietitians at hospitals and long-term care facilities to add nutrition-packed Thrive Ice Cream to your dietary toolkit. Not only does Thrive help achieve desired weight gain in geriatric patients, compliance with Thrive is a non-issue as most patients enjoy the flavor and texture of this nutritional ice cream product.

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