One of the biggest challenges facing hospitals, long-term care, and nursing facilities today is making sure their patients receive the nutrition needed to maintain body weight and promote healing. It can be a real struggle feeding people who have lost their appetite or are uninterested in food presented to them.

Thrive Ice Cream is formulated to serve as a highly palatable and nutritious meal replacement, supplement or snack for the healthcare industry. In taste test after taste test, healthcare providers comment on how delicious it is. And yet, many still say no to Thrive. The reason? There is a perception that it’s too expensive.

On the surface, Thrive Ice Cream does cost more per serving than other liquid meal replacement/supplement products. Here are three reasons why Thrive Ice Cream is affordable nutrition for healthcare.

  • Thrive is complete nutrition. Thrive Ice Cream offers at least 20 percent of the daily-recommended value of 24 vitamins and minerals. It also contains much-needed probiotics, protein and fiber. Because of the variety of nutritional components and the calories in each serving, Thrive Ice Cream is considered complete nutrition. While there are other frozen desserts served by healthcare institutions, these products do not deliver the nutritional value of Thrive; it’s not even close!

Health care total cost

  • Based on nutritional value, Thrive is a bargain. If you purchased ice cream and all of the nutritional ingredients patient need and that Thrive contains (vitamins, minerals, probiotics, etc.), the cost per serving would be $2.35. The cost if you served Thrive instead is $1.15, less than half!Health Care Cup cost





  • Patients prefer real ice cream to other supplements. The liquid meal replacement/supplement products served by many healthcare institutions have a metallic or “medicine-y” taste. Patients may avoid them or only partially consume them, which robs them of nutrition. Thrive Ice Cream is a premium ice cream with natural flavors of Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Few patients pass up Thrive!thrive_meal

An increasing number of hospitals and other residential healthcare facilities are adding Thrive to their menus having experienced first-hand the patient response in terms of weight gain, willingness to eat and enjoyment. We welcome the opportunity to let your institution review Thrive Ice Cream with your dietary and nursing team.

To learn more about Thrive or to order online, visit our website.

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