1280-2-liquiglide-ketchup-bottleKim Linstead had a surprising confession. “Before Thrive Ice Cream, I put catsup on everything.”

Kim is a clinical speech language pathologist at Country Side Healthcare, a skilled nursing, rehab and long-term care facility in Massachusetts. She admits that she worries every day about getting people to eat. Hence the catsup.

Kim’s special concern is getting patients with dysphagia, a disorder that makes swallowing problematic, to eat. Her task is complicated by patients’ limited food choices. The thickened liquids demanded by a dysphagia diet often don’t taste good.

“Dysphagia is a common feeding problem. Patients may not be able to chew or have no desire to eat.

I have to ‘doctor’ up nutritional products to get patients to eat them. Even that doesn’t always work. Patients give me a look that says, ‘I know what you’re doing and I’m still not eating it.’”

Earlier this year, Thrive Ice Cream’s Northeast Regional Sales Manager, Jeff Bagley, visited Kim at Country Side Healthcare to do a product evaluation. Jeff brought all four Thrive Ice Cream options for healthcare facilities—Creamy Vanilla, Simply Chocolate, Fresh Strawberry, and No Sugar Added Vanilla—and invited Kim and other dietary and clinical staff to evaluate our nutritional ice cream as a possible supplement, snack, or dessert for patients with dysphagia, dementia, c-difficile, and other conditions. Kim’s reaction?

“The taste blew me away. Especially when I compared it to another frozen nutrition product that tastes like a vitamin pill. Thrive tastes like real ice cream, but has vitamins and probiotics patients need. I almost ate the whole thing!”

Since that initial evaluation, Kim has had the Country Side Healthcare dietitian add Thrive to all patient trays. “Many eat it first and ignore everything else. I don’t worry because I know they aren’t missing any nutrition with Thrive Ice Cream.”

Some colleagues were concerned about the cost of adding a new product, but not Kim. “I knew if I could get Thrive Ice Cream in patients’ mouths, they were going to love it. I spend a lot of time on the floor with patients and Thrive does not get thrown away. They ask for it.”

For Kim, it’s about getting people fed (without catsup) and on the way to recovery. “I’m always looking for products that make patients’ lives better and our jobs easier. It’s hard to find products that meet all dietary demands and taste good. Finding Thrive is such a relief! I will definitely share my experience with friends and colleagues.”

Thank you, Kim, for sharing your story!

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