Here at Thrive Ice Cream we often get stories from people who have used our nutritionpacked ice cream with friends or family members with cancer, dementia, dysphagia, and other conditions. The stories are all different, but also the same. Their loved one needs a nutritious supplement they are able to eat and that also tastes good. So many supplements commonly used in hospitals and rehab centers either taste horrible or are loaded with less than nutritious ingredients.

Little did we know that one of our team members would be turning to Thrive for a family member.

That’s exactly what happened last winter. Our marketing director’s brother Tim had lost 40 pounds in three months.

Tim prior to cancer diagnosis, having lost 30 pounds over three months, dropping to a precarious 140 pounds on his six-foot frame. He was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the small intestine. After surgery, his doctor put him on a high protein diet.

At this point, the brother was skin and bones with a great big scar. He needed to gain weight quickly to help him recover from his surgery and start treatment. Our marketing director and her older brother sent Tim cases of Thrive Ice Cream. Chocolate, Vanilla, Butter Pecan and Salted Caramel; they loaded up Tim’s freezer – and Tim.

In many ways we were putting Thrive to the test. A six-ounce serving of Thrive has nine grams of protein plus 24 vitamins and minerals, natural fiber, REAL Dairy milk and cream, and a secret weapon, four active live probiotics, including patented Ganeden BC30(R). The probiotics promote digestive and immune health and help populate the gut with healthy biome.

Thrive is also beneficial because it’s low in lactose so easy to tolerate. It contains no HFCS and no artificial colors and flavors, no palm oil or cheap fillers. It’s high quality nutrition. And, it melts to the consistency of nectar, making it easy to swallow.

Tim was eager to get back to a normal weight and with his doctor’s approval, he began eating two six-ounce servings of Thrive Ice Cream every day. He’s a lifelong fan of ice cream so eating delicious Thrive was not a chore. (It helped that Thrive doesn’t have a metallic after taste like other supplements!) Within eight weeks he had regained 20 pounds. Six months later he has returned to his normal weight. Quite a difference!

But the best news is that his recent body scans show he is cancer free. He did not have to endure chemo or radiation; his treatment is composed of a monthly shot. Tim is also back to work, back to golfing and back cheering for his favorite college football team, Southern Cal.

Now when we get the letters from people who have been helped by our nutritional ice cream, it seems more personal because one of our own team had such a positive experience with Thrive Ice Cream. It’s another reason why we don’t hesitate to recommend it to those in health care, senior care or the public. We know first hand Thrive works.

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